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TRC System
uno dei sistemi piú 
potenti del mondo

  The TRC System is a professional sound system from TSA® designed and constructed exclusively for high-precision applications. Its double compression driver plus a diffusion system make it a highly efficient choice for large-scale events.

The factors which make this flying system from TSA unbeatable are:

+ Reduced size to facilitate transport.

+ Reduced weight to optimise mounting time and elevation device costs.

+ Reduced mounting
TSA system. 600 W AES / 141 dB MAX SPL.
Frequency response: 175 - 18.500 Hz. Coverage: 40º x 40 º.
Special transducer system: TX-1 (two compression drivers).
Connections: 2 speakon.
Dimensions (cm): 56 wide, 56 high, 72 depth.
Weight: 39 kg.
Constructed in polyurethane fibre with an steel structure.
Finished in black paint.
Price: 2.438,00 €
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Following the success of the TRC, at TSA® we wanted to go a step further. So we developed the TRC-215 to achieve a wide-range system offering the same advantages as its predecessor – high output and maximum sound pressure (MAX SPL 144 dB), but using a 3-way system comprising a TRC unit and two 15” woofers.
This provides a frequency response of 50 at 18,500 Hz and a greater power output (2000 W AES)
Price: 3.907,00 €
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