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Bad Jokers


Le Magreen


The Alberts

George McAnthony

Marvin B.

Spolpo Blues Band

Mutz Band

DJ Ivan Fillini




Loud - AC/DC Coverband

The Ohmygood


Referenzen - Künstler aus Südtirol
jeweils alphabetisch geordnet!

Folgende KÜNSTLER aus Südtirol wurden betreut:
3 Murphys, The Lawdy Mama
4-Twenty Le Magreen
2 ways Lemurcatta
6/Eighters -
Acajo Lights, The
Again.St Lingue Morte
Airbags Little White Bunny, The
Alberts; The Livepräsenz
Alessandro D´Alessandro Living Targets
Alexander Dal Plan Looky but no touchy
Alight Logo
- London Elephants
Andrea Maffei Loords, The
Anguish Force Lubbers, The
Apathetic State Loud AC/DC-Coverband
Aspirin -
Asternova Mad Puppet
Atacksya Make Trouble
Average -
B16 & The Papaboys Martin Perkmann
Bad Jokers Mamas Marmelade
Beagles Markus Linder
Beat & Fredy Marvin B.
Belsy Matita Acoustic Trio
Bierbillys Max aus Milland
Big Band Lana Mighty Quinn
Big Band Ritten Mind
Black Cat Blues Department MitEinAnders
Black Out Modulazione di Frequenza
Black Rose Moe´s Garage
Black Sheep Monroe´s Ex
Blind Alley Morange
Blind Dog Morrison´s Doghouse
Blood Edition Mutz Band, Die
Blokes, The Neokortex
Blue City Window Nice Price
Blues Busters N.I.P.
Blues Bus Band No Hunch
Bob Marley Show No Choise
- Nolunta´s
Böna Löna Nomansland
Brixie Dixie Jazz Band No Smoking
BrunoRock Nora 13
Bull Dog Ohmygods, The
Burning Mind One Night Stand
Burning The Ocean Oregon Trail
Cadillac Oscar Ferrari
Cantina Roots Sound S. Outback
Can Cun Painted Smile
Careworn Oregon Trail
- Origin Of Redempion
Carpe dieM Oscar Ferrari
Chainless Outback
Chainsaw Painted Smile
Chaos Disorder Panamerikana
Cherry Moon Petra Gruber & Friends
Chili Pamstiddn Kings
Chuck Lukas &  Rockerillos Panamerikana
Chupa Chups Parasit
Club 99 Peach, The
Coma Peufla; The
ConTakt Perc. Group Phantom
Court, The Prehate
- Prophecy
Crazy 5 Psychos, The
Crazy Kangoos Puls
Crimson Sunset Punto Exe
Chris Costa Quarrymen, The
Crotalo Raggareggae
Crunge, The Quo Vadis
  Queen Laurin
Dagma R & FunnyM
Daltons Razzi Totali
Davies Bedroom Reach us endorphine
Day Shine Rising Released
Dazed and Confused Rare Blues Band
Dead Like Juliet -
Dead Return Reach Us Endorphine
Death Mozquitoz Revel; The
Delicious Deadly Octopus Right To Silence
Delladio Flavio Roadhouse
Derrik Roberta Webhofer
Deschezzi -
Diego Tomba Rockemoon
Die Ladiner Rolando Biscuola
Die Träumer Roots
Difference R.O.T.
Dirty Soul SAM Session
Diven´tomato Santa Claus Revival, The
Dizzy Blue Potatoes S.I. Band
DJ Frankie Schadabum / Sax-Martl
DJ Ivan Fillini Schuen Sisters
DJ Andi Faitelli Schwarzblut
DJ Mark T. Scrat Till Death
DJ Adi Jay Sea Of Faces
Dolomitiches (Schuen)  Seek
Dominik Plangger -
Domyno  Sense Of Akasha
Dordoggising (Dorfmann) Sepp Messner Windschnur
Dos Equis XX Serpent´s Cult
Double Vision Shanty Town
Down To Shaqao
Down Village sHe
Dread Shin
Dustin Project Shocking Minds
Eating.Seats Silent Mirror
El Nodo Simple Choise
Em & Emmes Skalls, The
Engage Skandal
- Scarn
Enrico Micheletti Silentium Noctis
- Sin Deadly Sin
Eternity Ends Sisyphos
Eugénie Sitting Bull
Evenfall Six Pack
Exit - Exxit Skanners
Extrakt Skritek
Fabio Cecconi Trio Slack & Checked
  Slow Down
Ferbegy ? Smoking Geckos
Fischermans Friends Solide Alm
Flatline Sombrous
Flash S.O.P.
Four Soul At Zero
FourForOne Soul Radiation
Four Roses Souls In Panic
Frak Spremuta
Frei.Wild Spolpo Blues Band
Funny Connection Spolpo Trio
Funky Movement, The SPU
Gandhi´s Eye Squealer
Gelb Standing Still
Georg Clementi Stanton
George McAnthony Starseven
Giorgia & Paolo Stepwise
Gleenman Members, The Stereotype
God Machine Still Undecided
Good Life Stille Mehrheit
Gozilla Intermezzo Strange View
  Stolen Brothers
  St. Pauls Jazz Band
Grave Maid Street Band
Graveworm Stuff & Nonsense
Hanspeter´s Orchestra Stumbling; The
Haydn Orchester Bz-Tn Subminia
High Speed Moses Suncold
Helli & Friends  
Herbert Pixner Supper´s Ready
Homie 4 Life Symphonic Winds
Hot Tickets Tabaluga
Hubert y Lucia Tabasco
If Tomorrow Ever Comes The Sett
Illyrica -
Impius Ticket Pleace
Incognito Tiefe Narben
Incredible Southern B. B.;  T.Mo
Inside Out Timeless
Intact Offbeats Timmeltruck
Intoxication Titlá
Irish Coffee, The Tom & Cu
iScream Massacre -
Italia Mia Tom O´Toole Group
Jam'son, The  
Jellyeifish Torsyk
Jeremy Toymachine
Jimini Cricket Toy tanks
Jimmy The Cat Tromba Bar
John´s Revolution Trompe Le Monde
Julius Bana Tune Up´s
June Niesein UltraShall
Just Fix Up & Down
Kamikaze 100 Van Fosters
Kellogg´s Family Vietnow
- Vino Rosso
Killjoy Voices Of Decay
Kind Of Camilla Walkabout
Know Way Out Way Out
La Valse WC
  We and Them
  White Wine Winos
- Whizzkid
  Wild Bounch
- William T. & The Black 50´s
  Witch, The
  Woom Woom Fisch
Your Dog
Zeugshmitz, The

... und irgendwann wohl fast alle anderen Südtiroler Musiker und Künstler auch.

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