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Saint Lu
saint lu

Saint Lu

Saint Lu


Helli & Friends
Helli & Friends


sabato 30/10/2010
Inizio: ore 20.30 Uhr Ingresso: 18,00

 La serate tradizionlae Rock al Steinegg Live Festival con:


dopo / After-Show: "HELLI & FRIENDS"


La nuova Star della scena europea del Rock !
per la prima volta ed esclusivamente in Italia ...

La nuova voce dell Rock europeo
... con la sua band presenterá il suo album e tant´altro.

She is like a hurricane and has a voice like the best singers in the big days of Rock'n Roll. SAINT LU is refreshingly modern and brings passion back into music. While other contemporary singers rely on mainstream pop or pretentious phrasing alone SAINT LU offers a powerful and rough voice straight from her guts: Pure and real, outright and outspoken. Songs like Don't Miss Your Own Life and Love Song make the listener catch his breath and open his ears. Rock as rock can!

Her influences can easily be detected: Led Zeppelin, Big Mama Thornton, Janis Jopin, and Jimi Hendrix – whom LU rightly counts as one of the real great singers. "I am not really into vocal embellishments. They are like punctuation marks. For me it is important that the vocals narrate the story of the song – and Jimi was a master in that", says SAINT LU. Her songs are developed in a similarly original way – usually in jam sessions. She starts improvising over a guitar riff until the lyrics come naturally. “I just start singing and eventually the word fragments start making sense. There is always something rolling around in my subconscious.”

SAINT LU started singing when she was eight. She practiced singing since she was fourteen in front of an audience, which was her best vocal coach. She formed her first band as a teenager and traveled around playing her own songs. It always was rock music that attracted her instinctively. “When I was a little girl I had already heard all the records in my older sister’s collection. Until I was twelve I didn’t even know there was any music other then rock”, she smirks.

After finishing school she went to Austin, Texas to broaden her horizons. “I carried two bags”, she remembers. “One was stuffed with my clothes and the other with my notebook and music equipment. That one was twice the size of the first one.” After a few months travelling across United State, she focused on New York where SAINT LU worked on her new songs with musician friends.

Back from the States SAINT LU enrolled in a drama school but shortly before her finals she found that her heart belongs to music. “They wanted to kick me out in my freshman year anyway because of my “weird” voice.” So she put together a band and paid for a recording session in a studio. She sent that demo to quite a few producers – amongst whom was Echo Award winner Patrik Mayer who invited her to Berlin. After their first meeting she packed her bags and moved to the capital at once.

This was a little more than one year ago and by now SAINT LU and Mayer have completed her debut album. To stay as close to the 70’s rock sound as possible, guitar virtuoso Peter Weihe (Eric Clapton, Chaka Khan, Rio Reiser) was invited to play. No efforts were spared to make the most of SAINT LU’s remarkable songs: Marlon Browden (John Scofield, Vernon Reid, Norah Jones) played the drums, she visited Christian Lohr (Joss Stone) for keyboards in Munich where he has a storage room filled with vintage keyboards. For the finishing touches they went to the Abbey-Road-Studios in London to complete the arrangements, recording horns and strings conducted by Steve Sidwell (Seal, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams).

“Finally everything is the way I wanted it to be”, says SAINT LU. “Every single note, each word – everything is exactly like I heard it in my head. I did not have to accept compromises.”

And how did this exceptional voice come about? “I grew up in a big house with no neighbors as far as the eye could see. If you had something to tell somebody you simply had to start yelling: “Luuuuuuuuuuuuuunchtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime” or “Teeeeeeeleeeeeephooooooone!” There were whole conversations going on like this. I believe that shaped my voice”, laughs one of the most exciting singers of today:


voci della stampa:
"sulle tracce di Janis Joplin" (Focus - Kultur)
"grande voce" N-TV (Panorama)
"infettante dal primo riffV" (NMZ)
"tra Janis Joplin, Anastacia, Macy Gray e Tina Turner" (
"Anastasia degli Alpi" (Saturnmagazin)

Album: "Saint Lu" VÖ: Dec. 2009
(incl. Singles: Don´t Miss Your Own Life / Here I Stand)


DETAGLI concerto:
data: 30 ottobre 2010
inizio: ore 20:30 (ingresso aperto verso le ore 19.30)
luogo: casa della cultura di Collepietra (BZ) - Italia (15 km da Bolzano)
Supportband: "tba" (BZ)"

TICKETS: Per il concerto sono disponibile ca. 650 biglietti (posti in piedi). Il costo del biglietto e di 18 Euro (+ ev. spese di prevenditá).
I biglietti sono disponibili presso tutte le bance Raiffeisen in Alto Adige e fra qualche giorno anche presso i negozi Athesia, Baba´s a Bolzano, Non Stop Music a Merano ecc.
biglietti online:

Info-Tel: + 39 328 9469472

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